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Prevent and block cyberattacks with SAFE Endpoint Security

SAFE endpoint security

SAFE-Cyberdefense Endpoint Security provides an optimal protection for companies by controling the whole system activities in real time. Our technology blocks any type of attacks at any level using 100% customizable system control to stay safe even without network access.

Preventive Protection

SAFE Endpoint protects your company against known or unknown cyberattacks by providing a proactive solution and better efficiency than traditionnal antivirus.

In-Depth Defense

SAFE Endpoint fights against threats at each stage of a cyberattack using advanced monitoring and a behavioral detection engine.

Real-time Visibility

SAFE Endpoint provides full traceability of system and network activities in real time in order to hunt any type of malicious behavior.

Our Approach

SAFE-Cyberdefense dashboard

Nowadays attacks occur at multiple levels and cannot be blocked at a single point, that's why a security solution should not be based on a unique technology to face all types of attacks such as exploitation, malware based attacks or malicious users. Traditional solutions are unfortunately out of date by design because they are unable to detect new threats.

In order to provide the best security level, SAFE-Cyberdefense team started working  on an innovative and powerful solution based on a Defense In Depth protection concept  to face any threat your company could face. Thanks to this protection, we are able to provide multiple lines of defense based on multiple technologies to detect and block cyber-attacks at every stage of their process.

Why Choose SAFE

Best Performance

Unlike traditionnal endpoint solutions, SAFE provides a lightweight agent which uses less than 1% CPU and gives you a real protection against cyber threats.

Simple customization

Our technology is based on fully customizable security policies which can be easily adjusted to fit any specific security needs.

Full Traceability

SAFE Endpoint Security provides a complete system and network monitoring in order to track any type of malicious activities. It also integrates an open API to allow your security solutions to work together.

Advanced Analysis

SAFE analysis system combines multiple analysis modules such as hypervizor based analysis system and machine learning engine in order to detect ransomwares and new threats.

Data Protection

SAFE Endpoint monitoring allows you to protect your sensitive documents against exfiltration and ransomwares by customizing security poilicies.

Exploit Mitigation

SAFE Endpoint stops exploit based attacks by blocking malicious behaviors of exploited processes using policies security system.


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